Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro and Senior HUD Personnel Must Be Investigated for Criminal Acts of Mortgage Fraud, Forgery and Conspiracy and Their Possible Involvement With San Bernardino County Terrorist Attack.

Julian Castro has Colluded With San Bernardino County Officials and Agents From Terrorist Group Mojahedin-e-Khalq to Cover Up Corruption at His Department.

A Middle Eastern HUD Inspector Who Exposed Fraud and Corruption at HUD and San Bernardino County Has Been Falsely Charged With Crimes and Terrorism And His Computers and Phone Which Contained Incriminating Photos And Documents Against HUD and San Bernardino County Officials Have Been Seized.

Julian Castro was considered a leading 2016 Vice Presidential candidate and running mate for Secretary Hillary Clinton until he was censured for violating the Hatch Act for openly campaigning for the position.

In the process Secretary Castro made several appearances on national media portraying a rosy picture of his agency while corruption and incompetence was rampant at HUD and oversight non-existent.

Castro has a history of appearing on social media and misleading the public in order to promote himself and his personal agenda. Three of his interviews are chronicled here where he deceives the interviewers when asked tough questions about the viability of HUD.

On January 11, 2016, Secretary Castro appeared on Steve Colbert's The Late Show promoting himself for the position of vice presidential candidate on the very day that HUD's Inspector General officially refused to investigate the biggest FHA mortgage fraud complaint where a regional HUD supervisor was accused of being directly implicated in the case taking bribes and forging mortgage documents.

When asked by Steven Colbert as to why HUD should not be disbanded as many Republicans were calling for, Castro replied that HUD helped many low income families obtain affordable homes.

What Castro failed to mention was that corruption, bribery and lack of oversight has caused tax payers billions of dollars insuring bad loans and defective foreclosed structures with full knowledge of HUD's top brass and supervisory personnel.

What Castro also failed to mention was that while there exists an office within his agency named Office of Inspector General, but that not only this department does absolutely nothing at all to investigate cases of abuse and corruption, but that on the contrary, his agency punishes and frames people who report waste and abuse.

Complaints regarding corruption and waste were all ending up in a black hole at HUD and thus the cause for billions of dollars in loss at this department while Castro was makeing rounds of media promoting himself as the next vice president of the United States.

When a recent mortgage fraud case which was reported to HUD's Office of Inspector General went unanswered, the matter was taken to Castro himself directly through the department&$39;s Facebook page which was the only means available at the time to contact him. Castro deferred the case back to the Inspector General and the message link was removed from his Facebook page.

While in office, there was absolutely no means of contacting the man who sees himself as a possible future president of this country. It was impossible for tax payers to contact this man and hold him accountable for the rampant corruption happening right under his nose and with his full knowledge and blessings.

Castro has now gone as far as colluding with terrorist groups to hide crimes being committed at his office.

Not only Castro never made any attempts to clean up his house, but he has attempted to silence a former HUD inspector and consultant who has repeatedly reported serious criminal activities to his office so as not to upset his chances of becoming a vice presidential candidate.

In lieu of forcing repair of rampant critical life and safety issues in buildings regulated by HUD, Julian Castro has enforced smoking bans in Federal Housing units in order to appeal to Secretary Hillary Clinton, a staunch opponent of smoking who went head to head with tobacco companies during President Clinton's tenure and who was also urged to take on the Big Tobacco during the 2016 election cycle based on reporting by The Hill. Julian Castro has obviously only been interested in appealing to Secretary Clinton according to Red State.

In fact Secretary Castro has steadfastly refused to investigate one of his employees, Bobbi L. Borland, a Santa Ana regional supervisor, who runs the local department depite the fact she has no absolutely no qualifications for the job as she is just an appraiser and has absolutely no idea of building codes and regulations and is completely oblivious to HUD's own standards and procedures and who has engaged in a criminal conspiracy with San Bernardino County officials who are complicit in the terrorist attack in the county.

Borland not only has refused to investigate any reports of fraud, but in fact she has entered into criminal conspiracy in order to punish and silence the HUD inspector who has repeatedly reported abuse and fraud under her watch. Borland has even gone as far as making the outlandish allegations that the inspector was not even a representative of HUD despite his two HUD certifications and his listings on two of HUD's different online rosters.

HUD has time and again proven itself to be the most corrupt and incompetent agency in the administration losing billions of dollars in bad mortgages while willfully turning a blind eye to massive fraud and waste currently ongoing in the agency. These practices have resulted in recent tax payer bailout money in the amount of 1.7 billion dollars to compensate for losses in the HECM program, as well as a high rate of default among FHA borrowers as reported by Mortgage Orb.

With HUD's shortfall of more than 16 billion dollars in needed assets according to LA Times, Congressional Oversight Committees and US and State Attorneys should investigate this agency.

In fact there are many who believe that HUD should be shut down completely such as former Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz of Texas as well as Industry Insiders.

Secretary Castro was not fit to run his own office let alone being considered for a post involving the second highest office. Visit the link below to voice your opinion and to request that this man be impeached:

  • Senate Committee on Appropriations
  • House Committee on Appropriations
  • U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs
  • House Financial Services Committee
  • Senate Budget Committee
  • House Budget Committee
  • Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
  • House Committee on Rules

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